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Kurdish journalist produces gang war documentary in Sweden

  2021-05-18  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Kurdish journalist Karwan Faraj produces a gang war documentary in Sweden titled Gängkrigens Tid or the Time of the Gang Wars.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Sweden-based Kurdish journalist Karwan Faraj said on Monday (May 17) that he had produced a documentary titled Gängkrigens tid, or the Time of the Gang Wars, taken from a real gang conflicts broke out in Sweden’s Gothenburg in the past few years.

The documentary is a unique insight into a bloody gang war in Biskopsgården district in Gothenburg raged in 2010 between two gangs and lasted for ten years that claimed the lives of at least twenty people, including two children. 

“I have desired for years to do a thorough and inconclusive work on the shooting and killing of the criminal gangs,” Faraj told Sweden Radio, who has grew up in the Gothenburg suburb of Angered.

“The most difficult part of my work was to find the gangsters and persuade them to speak in front of camera.," he added. 

Criminals and police officers feature in the documentary to recount the events.

The gang criminals testify in the documentary about a life with weapons, attacks, crimes, and revenges.

“It is very complicated, at the same time as it is not. Spilled blood does not dry out. You kill one of ours, we kill one of yours. Do you understand? That's how it is. One murder leads to another,” says one of the men in the documentary. 

The documentary will be played in two seasons on TV4. 

Faraj was one of the winners of the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism in 2019.

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