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Rojhalat refugees protest ‘UN failure’ to meet their demands

  2021-05-20  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Refugees from Iranian Kurdistan, Rojhalat, protest near UN headquarters in Erbil, May 20,2021. Photo Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Following the self-immolation of an Iranian Kurdish refugee two days ago, a number of other refugees gathered near the UN headquarters in Erbil on Thursday (May 20), protesting the organization’s failure to meet their demands and their poor living conditions in the Kurdistan Region.

A large number of protesters gathered at 10:00 am make attempts to enter the UN premises, but they were prevented by the security forces. 

The Kurdish refugees from east of Iran, known as Rojava, were calling on the UN officials to talk to them under the slogan “go out, we want out rights.”

“Our demand is that they give us our rights like any normal refugee, not more than that,” a refugee told Zhyan, “Nobody has come to our aid,” 

There are thousands of Rojhalat refugees who say they do not have permanent residencies and work permits after staying in the Region for years and call on the UN to transfer them to a third country. 

The refugees should renew their resiliencies annually.  

Another protester criticized the media outlets who livestreamed the self-immolation of an Iranian Kurdish refugee on Tuesday that led to  90 percent burns on his body, who is now in critical condition. 

“We have gathered here like the representatives of the Rojhalat political parties, political and civil activists and refugees, we have gathered near the UN headsquares to protest the self-immolation of Bahzad Mohamoud,” another protester said.

“We are also voicing the unfavorable condition of the Rojhala refugees living in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and we are voicing against this organization’s failure to respond to the cases of the asylee seekers.” 

The protester also said that they previously received a phone call from the UN office to not hold their protest and meet with them. 

“We rejected that and told them that we will sit with about our rights included in nine points, including all those seek asylum should be answered in three to six months and be transported to the third country, and the refugees should have job opportunity and residency cards,” he said. 

On Tuesday, two refugees protested near the UN office, one of them set his body on fire citing UN’s negligence to address their demands.

The self-immolation sparked uproar among other refugees and locals who lashed out at the reporting teams for failing to bar the incident.

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