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No money to pay, Kurdish child stuck at Turkish hospital

  2021-05-22  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Aeman Ibrahim who has been admitted to a Turkish hospital. Graphic/Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A 15-year-old Kurdish child is stuck at a Turkish private hospital as fundraising efforts are so far falling short of what’s needed to get him out of hospital and back home, one of his relatives told Zhyan on Saturday (May 22).

Aeman Ibrahim, a resident of Erbil’s Soran district, was admitted with diabetes to a Turkish hospital 15 days ago, after receiving needed treatment yet he remains trapped.

Because his family cannot pay his bill of $6,000 US Dollar, administrators are refusing to let him leave his bed, the child’s relative told Zhyan accusing the hospital of overcharging them for the treatment.

“The hospital has treated the child only by using insulin, not any other treatment has been provided, yet the hospital has locked the door on him and won’t allow him to leave asking for $6,000 US Dollar,” he said refusing his name and his family affiliation to the child to be disclosed.

Aeman has been to Turkey three months ago by his father trying to reach Germany and reunite with his mother. His father’s path to reunite him with his mother has been a three-month meandering and seemingly futile route.

“The hospital has threatened us that it would place the child in an orphanage if they failed to pay the bill,” the relative said.

The hospitals often illegally detain patients long after they should be medically discharged, using armed guards, locked doors and even chains to hold those who have not settled their accounts.

Zhyan News Network reached to the Erbil governor Umed Khoshnaw. He said that they are looking for further information regarding the name of the hospital to provide assistant and help the child get back home.

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