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Two ISIS militants nabbed in Nineveh

  2021-03-04  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Iraqi security forces during a raid somewhere in Iraq (File Photo)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Iraq’s National Security Service said on Thursday (March 4 that two Islamic State (ISIS) suspects were arrested by the security forces in western Nineveh governorate. 

The ISIS militants were working for the militant group’s so-called “Divan of Spoils” in al-Jazeera area during its reign in Iraq, the intelligence agency affiliated with the Iraqi Government said.

The ISIS militants confessed that they seized properties and homes of unarmed civilians at the time, it added.

On Wednesday, Iraq’s Security Media Cell reported that a number of ISIS militants were killed in ten airstrikes conducted by the Iraqi Air Force in Saladin and Kirkuk governorates. 

Just in the same day, Commander of Kirkuk’s Joint Operations Command Lieutenant General Saad Harbiyeh said that an operation codenamed Revenge of the Martyrs has been launched Wadi Hamrin, Wadi Al-Shay and Palkana areas in southwestern Kirkuk governorate. 

"This operation aims to secure the boundaries between the forward headquarters operations command in Kirkuk, Diyala Saladin Operations Commands," Harbiyeh told the Iraqi state-owned Iraqi News Agency.

Iraq declared the fall of the self-styled caliphate of Islamic State (ISIS) militants in December 2017, but the security is fragile in the country, especially in the disputed territories claimed by Erbil and Baghdad.

There has been a spike in ISIS attacks in Iraq, especially in the disputed areas in Kirkuk, Diyala and Saladin governorates and the border areas near Syria's border with Syrian in Anbar and Nineveh governorates. 

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